The EU Open for Business campaign

Small Businesses - Big Ambitions

Considerable work has been done over the years to turn the European Single Market into a reality. A wide range of obstacles have already been removed, but there is still scope to do more.

One area where more can be done is making sure business owners are aware of the existing and future opportunities of the Single Market. Most do not know enough about their Single Market rights or the EU funding opportunities available to them, let alone about free-of-charge EU support networks or e-tools.

Therefore, the EU Open for Business campaign aims to increase the use of the services and tools for SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups provided at EU level, by promoting local networks and info access points, such as the Enterprise Europe Network, SOLVIT, IPR Helpdesk, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and the Your Europe Business Portal. This year, the campaign focuses on entrepreneurs from Austria and Germany that were supported by the Enterprise Europe Network in their ambition to access finance, find new business partners or expand to new markets.

The SME success stories are communicated through different channels - from social media publications and newspaper advertising to radio spots and dedicated Info Days for SME support organisations.

As part of a multiannual project targeting SME owners, the EU Open for Business campaign has already promoted Single Market opportunities for SMEs in 20 EU Member States since 2015. It is carried out in the context of the European Commission’s priorities: ‘a deeper and fairer internal market with a strengthened industrial base’ and ‘boosting jobs, growth and investment’. Particularly, concerning the latter, this campaign amplifies and reinforces elements of the corporate communication campaign on the Investment Plan.
Over the last two years, the EU Open for Business Info Days brought together participants from 379 SME support organisations and more than 100 Enterprise Europe Network advisers and high-level EU experts

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