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EU programmes are opening up direct and indirect funding opportunities for all types of SMEs to innovate, create jobs, benefit from digitalisation, become global leaders in sustainable practices, and operate freely in the Single Market and beyond. Every year the EU supports more than 200,000 businesses. As a response to the coronavirus outbreak, additional resouces have been made available. Read more about Coronavirus response in relation to financing for businesses.  

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Access to finance portal

The EU supports businesses by improving access to finance by financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capital organisations that provide funding supported by the EU. 

EU Access to Finance portal will help you find suitable and available EU finance in your country. 

Funding and tender opportunities   

Funding and tenders portal is the entry point for participants and experts in funding programmes and tenders managed by the European Commission and other EU bodies. 

Direct funding is available to projects that specifically contribute to the implementation of an EU programme or policy. 

COSME financial instruments

The EU’s programme for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) financial instruments (loan guarantee and equity facility) aim to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to access finance in all phases of their lifecycle – creation, expansion, or business transfer. Thanks to EU support, businesses have easier access to guarantees, loans and equity capital.

Horizon 2020 InnovFin

The InnovFin under Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme, can provide the right financing instruments for your research and innovation project. Financing tools cover a wide range of loans, guarantees and equity-type funding, which can be tailored to innovators’ needs. Financing is either provided directly or via a financial intermediary, most usually a bank or a fund.

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